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Rabu, 17 November 2010

Ninja Saga - Kunci Jawaban Chunin part 1

chunin part 1

Ujian Pertama Kita Harus Menjawab 10 Pertanyaan dan 10 Pertanyaan Itu Yaitu :

1 ) During a battle, which of the following actions enables you to gain chakra? (Charge)
2 ) Which element type measures your quickness in battle? (Wind)
3 ) Which of the following consumable items can recover your health in battle? (Healing scroll)
4 ) Which of the following techniques specializes in illusions and transformations? (Genjutsu)
5 ) What is your current ninja rank? (Genin)
6 ) What is the name of the Kage of Village of Fire? (Yudai)
7 ) What was the first weapon that Shin gave you? (Kunai)
8 )How many friends can you recruit to join your party for missions? (2)
9 ) Where can you challenge your friends in real-time? (Arena)
10) What is the maximum number of consumable items can be used in real-time pvp battle?

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